G1 Wall Light

Origin France

The G1 Series, designed by Pierre Gauriche and faithfully re-issued by Sammode, embodies the essence of French design during the 1950s.

A versatile lighting solution featuring a brass articulating arm, an adjustable dual shade with up-down light, and a weighted brass sphere that acts as a counterbalance.

Handcrafted in Châtillon-sur-Saône, France.



Pierre Guariche

Pierre Guariche (1926–1995) was a French designer and architect. Arguably the father of mid-century modern lighting in France, his designs were published by Pierre Disderot in the 1950s and 1960s.

Guariche saw himself primarily as an architect, having designed various homes and interiors, but he was also an innovative furniture designer. Among his many designs, he may be remembered most for his iconic luminaires, which defined an era and remain relevant today, speaking to their beautiful, timeless design.

Sammode's re-issues are faithful to the original designs while incorporating today’s technologies, benefitting from exceptional production quality and French manufacture.

Pierre Guariche