Valse au Crépuscule

Design Larose Guyon

Origin Canada

Capturing the beauty of a single moment in time, Valse au Crépuscule is a striking composition of brass fiber leaves suspended in a handwoven net of golden chains, warmly lit by translucent hand-blown glass, and finished in 24K gold.

Limited to 16 Editions



Larose Guyon

Fueled by the belief that simple, innovative, and refined design is timeless and essential to the human experience, Audrée L. Larose and Félix Guyon founded the design studio Larose Guyon in 2015 in Verchères, Quebec.

The outcome is sophisticated and elegant compositions informed by jewelry design and the natural world, with each piece shaped by local master artisans using age-old savoir-faire and traditional techniques.  

Larose Guyon